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Copier, printer and multifunction device purchase

QUT Printing Services assists with the purchase of new printing, copying, scanning or faxing equipment with QUT funds.

We provide the latest in printing technology and equipment at competitive prices via our Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) with Fuji Xerox Australia. This arrangement is compulsory for all QUT purchases of printing, copying, scanning or faxing hardware, per policies outlined in the QUT Manual of Policies and Procedures (Ch. F/4.2).

Devices available through QPS

Fuji Xerox devices staff can purchase are listed on the Copier and printer purchase webpages.

Staff are able to choose from a range of:

  • multifunction devices (includes A4-only models)
  • workgroup printers
  • office printers
  • desktop printers.

For purchases or advice make an enquiry online or contact us directly.

Your payment options

We provide two easy payment options when you purchase a device through us:

  1. Full purchase - a one-off payment of the QPS SOA price.
    All assets covered by the SOA costing in excess of $5,000 are currently recorded in the Fixed Asset system and classified according to their particular asset category. For depreciating assets, QPS will journal the purchase cost against (account 0691). QPS will then request FCMU to transfer the asset once it is on the Finance Asset Register; FAR will then be able to record depreciation expenses against your account.
    All assets covered by the SOA costing <$5,000 will automatically be identified as a Full Purchase.
  2. Internal lease through QUT Printing Services - no up front payments.
    Internal lease is available on assets covered by the SOA costing in excess of $5,000. The internal lease is over a 5-year period. The internal lease monthly payment is calculated by dividing the full purchase price by 60 months. The asset is recorded in the Fixed Asset system and classified according to its particular asset category. The asset is listed under QPS responsibility until final payment.

Service and support

When you purchase or lease your new equipment through us, we will arrange the following:

Purchase and installation

  • purchase order and procurement
  • installation of your device
  • training (initial and upon request for multifunction devices)
  • full service and maintenance including toner
  • meter readings
  • device access management (PIN numbers and Secure print, if required)
  • monthly internal invoice of service copy cost and lease payment if applicable
  • reports (including volumes, cost, number of devices and contract timeframes).

Online network connectivity (active network port required)

  • remote performance monitoring
  • notification that device consumables are running low and need replacing
  • reports on usage.

Ongoing service support

  • performance monitoring
  • onsite maintenance
  • supply of all toner cartridges for the duration of the arrangement
  • coordination of service call-outs.

We also monitor company response rates to ensure you always have the best possible service.

For more information, visit the Staff intranet - Copier and printer purchase page. To discuss your printing, copying, scan, finisher or faxing needs, make an enquiry online, or contact us directly.

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